Being a 20 year old college dropout ain't fun…

Night In The Woods tells the story of Mae, a 20 year old college dropout who also happens to be a cat who has come back to her hometown of Possum Springs to live with her parents. The game is represented in beautiful 2D animation , giving the game a cutesy almost Pixar feel to it which is married by the fact that everyone in this game is an animal. Bears, crocodiles, rabbits, birds and everything in between. Curiously, there are domestic cats wandering around the town walking on all fours…

Ubisoft’s third entry into Assasins Creed with Phones is a surprise success!

Watch Dogs as a franchise is arguably underrated, the first, released in 2014, garnerd heaps of negative feedback after a impressive E3 demo, that upon the games release looked more like a distant cousin, you've never met. It was also criticised for having a gruff, no-nonsense protagonist and a bleak, moody tone. During lockdown i decided to give it a shot and found that actually although all the criticisms that were given are valid, the game doesn't look anywhere as good as that demo but it still holds…

Step 1: After your three month retreat locked away, cooking up something brilliant, you return for the monthly board meeting. Dress smart,so they know you're serious. Present your idea. A in-game washed up director, pitching seven “ unique”takes on the zombie genre. They're all playable, you proudly announce, they look unimpressed but quickly give you a thumbs up and move on.

Step 2: Given the green light, you hurry away to your desk and start the journey of creation. Figure out what your proposed seven genres are, the first three should be mostly forgettable, shooting galleries disguised as levels. A…

Step 1: After a fun but formulaic first DLC, take a decent premise, fun characters and a new location.

Step 2: Once you have assembled all the ingredients, put a blindfold on and hit random keys in the hope of creating something groundbreaking.

Step 3: After half an hour of the previous step, remove said blindfold to discover, depstire your intention you have created another barebones, collectathon, not worth the price, company approved, Ubisoft DLC!

Step 4: Stare in awe of what you have made, call friends over to bask in the glory of your creation. Allow three hours for resting, then excitedly release it.

Step 5: After hearing the terrible reception, (which you expected) of your creation, retreat to your mind palace and think of a way to save your skin.

Ubisoft gives Far Car a ‘nam makeover in the first DLC from their 2 year old season pass.

How to make :

Step 1:

Reskin the map from the base game and make everything green.

Step 2:

Add a pinch of bamboo.

Step Three:

Add one 60’s rock song with a sprinkle of generic war archetypes.

Step Four:

Add a bunch of meaningless side objectives.

Step Five:

Mix together, then bake, for 3 hours.

Step Six:

Take out the oven, and season with framerate drops, occasional glitches and connection failures.


Despite it’s long baking time and odd seasoning, the meal is pure comfort food, 6/10.

Rockstar releases biggest update ever to rave reviews…

is something I would have loved to have seen when the update launched earlier this week. Unfortunately I and many other players have realised that’s not the case.

The heist takes place on the aforementioned island of Cayo Perico, a private island owned by, El Rubio a man who looks like what would happen if Owen “wow” Wilson went of the deep end and never looked back. A ruthless drug lord who sees his men as disposable fodder and is prepared to go to any means to keep his large empire afloat…

Richard Gere as Bill and Brooke Linz as Abby, two farm hands brought together by young love.

The second film by Terrence Malick, 1978’s Days of Heaven starring a fresh faced Richard Gere, years before the gerbil story ever surfaced, ( and Brooke Linz as a loved up couple, set against the backdrop of the early 1900’s. It deals with a young farmhand named Bill (Gere) on the run after he flees Chicago with his girlfriend, Abby and his young sister, Linda, after his involvement in his bosses murder at his previous job, as they try to make ends meet.

The story sees the trio journey from Chicago to Texas where they are taken on as part…

I’m writing this having just endured my fourth foray into the world of Terrence Malick.The first, Tree of Life (2011), was a movie I really enjoyed, containing breathtaking cinematography, great if somewhat muted performances from Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain and a operatic recreation of the formation of the Universe. Next the double bill of To the Wonder (2013) and Knight of Cups (2016). All three of these include key Malick trademarks, Amazing cinematography, A list actors, a non linear narrative. Narrative isn't really the focus of his films, the narrative in Tree of Life being his most accessible by…

The 2018 remaster of the 2006 PS2 classic is unsurprisingly, great. The game developed by Japan Studio, the team behind Ico and later the Last Guardian, tells the story of a young man called Wander who brings his deceased girlfriend Mono to a shrine in the center of a vast land, hoping to resurrect her. A disembodied voice tasks him with destroying 16 Colossi, physical embodiments of 16 stone statues surrounding the shrine, to bring her back. With that short introduction, Wander sets out to bring his love back. Using his sword, which lets out a bright blue light, that…

A Way Out: Review

By: Nathan Morgan

A Way Out, is the latest co-op game by Josef Fares, a name most people probably remember from his infamous appearance at the 2017 Game Awards, where he revealed said game and said for no apparent reason, “ Fuck the Oscars”.He said this, at what is basically the video game equivalent of the Oscars, which is ironic, because A Way Out was nominated a year later, for Best Game Direction and unsurprisingly lost out to the far superior God Of War. Asked to describe the game in a later interview Fares said he…

Nathan Morgan

Creative Writing student, likes video games, food and writing. Not necessarily in that order.

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